MAC By request Is rocking retro makeup now

April 30, 2023

The new MAC By request Collection, available now exclusively at maccosmetics.com
Gooooooooood evening, makeup fiends and fans!

It’s me, your friendly neighborhood appeal addict DJ K-Dawg, broadcasting live from KMAC radio (a division of Tabs the cat industries LLC) in Novato, where we play all the hits from the ’90s, 2000s and today.


Tonight we’re goin’ waaaaaay back and kickin’ it old-school.

Oikein! Tonight it’s all about retro jams. The request lines are open, so call —

Vai niin! Sepäs kävi nopeasti. We already have our first caller.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

DJ K-DAWG: “Hello, you’re live on the air at KMAC with DJ K-Dawg. What’s your name, sweetheart?”

DIESEL: “Diesel. I’m a cool grey frost eyeshadow.”

Diesel Eye Shadow, a cool gray with a frosty finish from the Colour Abstractions/Additions collection (1997)
DJ K-DAWG: “What up, D? What can I do you for? Do you have a request?”

DIESEL: “Well, I’d like to give a shout-out to the alumni from the MAC class of ’97 — especially my homegirl Fiction. She’s a muted green with shimmer. Hey, Fiction! I’M ON THE RADIO! We made our debut in the Colour Abstraction/Additions collection together.”

DJ K-DAWG: “Aww. Ihanaa. What song would you like to dedicate, Diesel?”

DIESEL: “Can I dedicate say You’ll Be There by the spice Girls?”

DJ K-DAWG: “OOH! You sure can. That’s one of my favorites. thanks for callin’, D!”

MAC Fiction Eye Shadow, a shimmery muted green with a frost finish from the Colour Abstractions/Additions collection (1997)
DJ K-DAWG: “OK, let’s take another caller… Caller, you’re live on the air with DJ K-Dawg and KMAC! Mikä sinun nimesi on?”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “Hey, K-Dawg?! This is Butterscotch Eye Shadow. muista minut?!”

Butterscotch, a matte warm beige from the Circa Pre collection (1990)
DJ K-DAWG: “GURL, my brow bones never forget an awesome matte warm beige. Circa Pre collection back in 1990, right? Dayum, it’s been a minute! mitä kuuluu?”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “Excellent! Can I give a shout-out to all my MAC fiends and plug a new collection I’m in called MAC By Request?”

DJ K-DAWG: “Oh, that’s right! You’re one of the six retro MAC shades that were voted on by MAC fans to come out of retirement.”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “Yup, we’re back, b*tches, and we’re better than ever!”

DJ K-DAWG: “So cheeky, Butterscotch! I always loved that about you. MAC fans, Butterscotch is referring to MAC By Request, the new limited edition collection of three powder Eye Shadows, three Lipsticks and three (new) Lipglasses are available exclusively at maccosmetics.com.

The Lipsticks and Lipglasses are available now, and the Eye shadows arrive April 3.

Last summer MAC asked their fans on Facebook what shades they wanted to make a comeback, and now here they are. If you’re interested, swing by maccosmetics.com before they’re going, going, gone.”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “So, K-Dawg…is it cool if I do a dedication?”

DJ K-DAWG: “Of course! What would you like to hear?”

BUTTERSCOTCH: “I’d like to dedicate Hold On by Wilson Phillips to my three lipstick BFFs, frosty brilliant fuchsia Pink Poodle, matte rosy pink Hoop and matte pinkish red Glam.”

The MAC By request Lipsticks from the left: Glam (a matte bright pinkish red from 1992’s Viva Glam), Hoop (a matte mid-tone rosy pink from 1991’s Le Groove Colour) and Pink Poodle (a brilliant fuchsia pink with a frost finish from 2000’s Valentine’s Day collection)
BUTTERSCOTCH: “They’re also in MAC By request with me, and they’ve always had my back.”

DJ K-DAWG: “Sure thing, Butterscotch. Kiitos soitosta. What radio station rocks the best retro makeup jams?”


DJ K-DAWG: “You know it.”

The MAC By request Collection: Deets

The six MAC By request Collection Eye shadows and Lipsticks (not pictured: the Lipglasses in Glam, Hoop and Pink Poodle)

Fiction Eye shadow — This soft, dark khaki green with golden shimmer reminds me of a less shimmery, somewhat darker version of MAC’s golden Olive Pigment in pressed powder form. I think it looks stunning layered with a little MAC tarnish Eye Kohl. For an easy khaki green smokey eye, just apply tarnish all over your lids, buff it out, and layer Fiction ideal on top.

Diesel Eye shadow — This cool gray frost with silver shimmer is a happiness to blend and looks fab with MAC Smolder Eye Kohl.

Butterscotch Eye shadow — like a devoted friend who never lets you down, this matte warm beige looks great as a base color, especially on medium and darker skin tones. I like to wear it either all over the lid as a base shade, or on my brow bones for a subtle highlight. I think this one’s a great everyday workhorse shadow!

Pink Poodle Lipstick — So, I love this bright, frosty fuchsia in theory, but there’s just something about it… It reminds me of the matching frosty fuchsia lipstick Jen and I wore way when we were sophomores in high school, and I’m not quITE on valmis menemään retroon vielä.

Hoop huulipuna – Tämä uskomattoman pukeutunut keskitason Matte Rosy Pink todennäköisesti toimii vain kenenkään. Vain muista valmistaa huulet ensin, koska Macin maat voivat olla sellaisia ​​kuivaus, jos et ole tottunut.

Glam huulipuna – jälleen, haluat valmistaa huulet ennen kuin yllään tämä kirkas matta pinkki punainen. Se on pitkäikäinen ja dramaattinen – suuri yksi niistä eeppisistä yöstä. Voi, ja hyvin, hyvin 190-luvun alussa. Joku kätevä minulle puristusrautani, Liz Claiborne kukkaro ja minun sekoitusnauha jää jään vauva siihen.

Liplassit – Nämä ovat kolme bränd-spankin’-uutta liput, jotka inspiroivat huulipunat. Minulla ei ole ollut mahdollisuutta antaa näitä reilua ravista vielä, mutta minä pian.


Mac pyynnöstä Eye Shadows, 15 dollaria
Mac pyynnöstä huulipunat, 16 dollaria
Silmien varjostoja vasemmasta: Butterscotch, fiktio ja dieseli
Lipstick-värit vasemmasta: Glam, Hoop ja vaaleanpunainen villakoira
Vaaleanpunainen villakoira

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