Glitz, shine as well as Glam take the spotlight in the OPI Mariah Carey holiday 2013 Collection

April 16, 2023

The new 18-piece OPI Mariah Carey holiday 2013 collection
You don’t have to admit to enjoying Glitter, Mariah Carey’s cinematic excursion de force, to like the new OPI Mariah Carey holiday Collection, however an appreciation for sparkly stuff definitely helps.

The new restricted edition collection glistens with glitter, as well as congeries of it. Fifteen of the 18 bottles blaze brighter than the twinkle in Mimi’s eye when she’s in the spotlight, as gigantic stage fans whip her hair into full-on diva mode, as well as she does that thing where she sings along to the high notes with her hands.


You understand what I’m speaking about.

Yeah, I’ll come clean. I saw shine in the theater…ON opening DAY! as well as yes, I’ve seen Mariah in show (I even used denim that were frayed at the waistline, coupled with a crocheted crop top, BAM!), as well as I own a lot of of her CDs. even the hard-to-find remixes.

Team Mimi, y’all! — is all I have to say.


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So yeah, I’m a Mariah fan, as well as I hummed Dreamlover when I heard about the new collection (available now at expert salons, Pure appeal stores as well as Ulta, as well as coming soon online, for $9 a bottle, or $10.95 CAD).

The rich reds, golds as well as burgundies in the release made me feel lots of emotions as I swatched them in my shower room today…

And since we’re speaking about Mimi, of program there’s a healthy dose of glitz as well as shine here, which the gals/guys who like to shimmer must welcome with open Arms.

If, rather, you like textured polishes, you may discover the six liquid Sand shades Irresistible.

Take a peek down below, as well as let me understand which of these is your number one. I’m using two coats of each.

All I want For Christmas (Is OPI), a maroon
Cute bit Vixen, a deep reddish violet
In My Santa Suit, a pearly red
Warm Me Up, a dark brown-gray with pearl
Sleigh trip For Two, a dark chocolate burgundy with pearl


Visions of Love, a rich burgundy
Ski Slope Sweetie, a golden pearl
My preferred Ornament, a glittery champagne
I Snow You like Me — clear, with big pieces of confetti glitter
Wonderous Star, a shimmery gold with black flecks
All Sparkly as well as Gold, a sparkly gold
Underneath the Mistletoe, a glittery candy apple red
It’s Frosty outside liquid Sand, frosted icy silver
Silent stars Go By liquid Sand, a sparkling blush pink
Make Him Mine liquid Sand, a glistening rose
Baby Please Come house liquid Sand, a sparkling lilac
Kiss Me at Midnight liquid Sand, a frosted ice blue
Emotions liquid Sand, a dramatic, sparkling coal

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