Surratt beauty review

June 12, 2022

I’ve been wanting to try Surratt Beauty ever since I learned about the Relevée Lash Curler, way before the brand became available in Canada. I toyed with paying the hefty prices to purchase it online. I was then so annoyed that when the brand did become available at Sephora, and it was constantly sold out!  Finally I got a notification in January to advise that the curler was back in stock so I decided not to wait for the VIB sale in April to buy some Surratt items:

These were purchased in my Sephora haul and I’ve been testing them for the past month – here are my thoughts.

All the Surratt beauty items are made in Japan, even the lash curler and palette case. Every item is packaged exquisitely – who has ever seen an eyelash curler with its own dust bag?!

Relevée Lash Curler – $27
I’ll start off with the best item.
This lash curler has officially surpassed my previous HG lash curlers, the Shiseido and MAQuillAGE Eyelash Curlers. The curvature of the Surratt is perfection for my eye shape, and it creates a very soft, natural looking curl to the lashes. The Shiseido / MAQuillAGE can occasionally create a sharp “L” shaped curl.

I also love the handles of the Surratt – they’re double coiled so it’s more comfortable to hold. It also comes with a rubber pad refill. I’ll devote an entry to compare the Surratt against other lash curlers in more detail.  10/10

Artistique custom palette case petite – $18
Although the man behind Surratt beauty (Troy Surratt) is a NYC-based makeup artist, his philosophy and esthetics are very much based on Japanese ones.  The modular and simplistic packaging is similar to that of Shu Uemura or ADDICTION. However, I find this case to be lacking a couple of features. There’s no mechanism to hold the refill pans – no adhesive or magnets and they don’t interlock into place. The pans will just fall right out if I turn the palette upside down. As a fix, I’ll be putting double-sided tape on the bottoms of my pans to prevent them from falling out.

Also, the case didn’t feel that premium in quality, compared to other custom palettes available on the market like Shu Uemura, MAC or even Inglot.  I wouldn’t repurchase the case, and if I buy more Surratt pans, I’ll just add a magnet to the base and stick them into my z-palette.  The petite case can hold 2 eye shadows + 1 blush like I’ve created here, or 4 eye shadows, or 2 blushes. Surratt also offers the Grande size ($24) which can fit 6 eye shadows, or 3 blushes, or 2 eye shadows + 2 blushes, or 4 eye shadows + 1 blush.

I do like that the case includes a mirror and how compact it is – it measures 6cm x 7cm x 1.5cm. Here’s what the Surratt palette looks like next to a MAC pro Palette 4-pan. I like how there’s no wasted space inside the Surratt palette, whereas MAC could do with moving those pans a little closer together to make the palette slightly more compact. Lastly, the Surratt case is also really pretty, with a subtle holographic looking shimmer that shifts from purple to green in certain angles. 6/10

Artistique Eyeshadow in Marron and fee Dragee – $22 for 1.7g each

These eye shadow pans are compact! but they contain more product than a MAC single (1.7g vs 1.5g). The packaging is minimalistic, with the pans covered by a sliding plastic cover. They’re not really meant to be housed in these covers – they’re meant to be put into the custom compact case.  Oddly, the packaging of the 2 eye shadows I got are different from each other – the box for fee Dragree has a shimmery finish and black text whereas Marron is plain with white text. *scratches head*

The quality of these powders are superb, there’s no doubt they’re fine milled and blendable. They’re made using a “slurry process” as described by Mr. Surratt himself in this video – whereby the products are pour into the pans and the liquid evaporates. This creates a very creamy and smooth texture.  These apply well onto the lids but I found they tend to blend away to nothing quite easily.  They’re also not the most pigmented shadows, which again, I feel is in keeping with the Japanese esthetics – I find that Japanese brands usually offer more sheer formulas.  I experienced some fading by around the 7 hr mark.  In looking at the colour selection – perhaps I just own too many eye shadows – the only other shade tempting me is Patine, a taupe.  7/10

Artistique blush in La Vie En rose – $35 for 6g

This was another star product. This blush almost blends itself, it’s SO smooth and silky. It leaves no harsh edges and looks like a cream product on the skin. This lasted impressively well on the cheeks (10+ hrs).

I also love the shade I chose – a neutral rose that goes with lots of eye looks.  I’ve got my eye on Se Pomponner (bright pink), Rougeur (berry red) and Grisaille (taupe) next!  9/10

Here are the swatches of the 3 shades:

Marron is a plummy brown, fee Dragee is a deep muted purple. They pair together really well.

Bottom line:  Relevée Lash Curler is the bEST osto 2016 tähän mennessä! Saan varmuuskopio VIB-myyntiin. Blush on uskomaton ja yritän muita värejä. Silmien varjot ovat myös upeita, mutta en kiirehtiä ostamaan enemmän heti. Ohita kotelo kokonaan. SURRAD-kauneus on saatavilla yksinomaan Sephora Kanadassa.

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