Be Sleek, Be contemporary as well as b. unique With the lilah b. holiday set

October 30, 2022

It’s like a select your own beauty adventure!
Can you keep in mind the last time you liked every single product in a holiday makeup set?

I can’t. There’s always that a person wonky eyeshadow I’ll never wear or a gloss I’m just not into. There’s always that a person thing, right?


Over at lilah b., they’re doing things a bit differently. It’s type of like those quick food restaurant menus where you pick two items, or in this case, where you pick three…

OK, hear me out.

You hop onto their website, as well as pick three products from their long-term line. The set istself is restricted edition, however the products are perm.


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42 dollaria

Osta nyt

You pick your very first item, then your second, then your third, as well as if you want to get two eyeshadow quads as well as a powder foundation, that’s cool. Or, if you wanna get three brushes or three lip as well as cheek duos, that’s cool, too. The cost adjusts accordingly.

Speaking of that, lilah b. is a high-end line. That’s exactly how they brand themselves, as well as whatever is on the more costly side. The eyeshadow quads, for example, are $58 each, while the lip as well as cheek duos are $46.

But with the b. unique holiday Set, you likewise get this truly adorable vegan clutch that makes me desire I had a elegant celebration to go to, just so I might bring it around with me as well as concern about people spilling red wine on it.

The set seems extremely true to lilah b.’s aesthetic to me. Their tagline is “With less, you are more,” which means…you know, they aren’t all about stacking on the makeup. They’re more about improving your natural beauty by adding a bit color right here as well as there.

Then, with your three products as well as your purse, you’re off to the ball, Cinderella! If you’re a Bobbi girl, take a look at the line.

b. wonderful combination perfection Eye Quad

How adorable is this clutch?

Swatches of the b. wonderful Eye Quad as well as b. unforgettable Lip & Cheek Duo

From the products right here as well as from my earlier experience with lilah b. makeup, their products aren’t the longest-wearing. That is, these aren’t the type of eyeshadows that will have punchy pigments from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. These will slowly vanish throughout the day, so by the time you get to the end of an eight-hour shift, you’re barely using any type of makeup.

I do desire the makeup lasted a bit longer on its own, since I discover myself having to do things like additional layering with them, always utilizing them with primer, as well as putting powders on top of the cheek colors.

But in spite of that, the powders feel fantastically soft as well as are simple to blend. I like exactly how they fade as well as diffuse when I’m blending them, to ensure that I don’t end up with any type of harsh lines, especially when I wear the eyeshadows as well as cheek colors.


Se oli hauskaa! — however the shopping center concept [turned out to be] a bust. We walked a half circuit, however only one or two of the stores were providing out candy. Northgate Mall, get your act together, people!

We hopped in the car, drove to a close-by community as well as busted out the umbrellas (because it was raining). I held Connor monkey in my arms, as well as we just walked up as well as down a couple streets to do a bit trick-or-treating.

Yes, I did get a few mini Snickers as well as Twix.


I hope you had a great time.

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