OCC Spring/Summer 2016 Magnetic fields Collection Lip Tars: Florals With a Psychedelic twist

October 30, 2022

This is not news to anyone, however Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is crazy.

To be specific: crazy cool, crazy passionate, as well as crazy aspirational.


OCC is one of the most notable brands pushing the limits of color as well as expression all while being 100% vegan as well as cruelty-free. And you’ve most likely heard of or seen the Lip Tars. now repackaged in a common lipgloss tube, they’ve been made even more practical for…whenever you want eco-friendly lips!

For Spring/Summer 2016, OCC has taken the concept of the ubiquitous bright lip as well as mixed it with a psychedelic palette. This is the Magnetic fields Colour Collection ($16 each), as well as there are 3 new solid colors plus 3 new iridescent metallics that can be mixed or utilized individually.

Wearing Artifact OCC Lip Tar
OCC Lip Tar Magnetic Fields: Magnolia, Lily, Wasabi, Artifact, Rime, Indrid
The repackaged OCC Lip Tar, now with a lipgloss wand

Swatches (L-R) Magnolia, Lily, Wasabi, Artifact, Rime, Indrid
The new shades

Magnolia – warm blush pink

Lily – true lavender

Wasabi – opaque bright chartreuse

Artifact – Bronze with metallic copper pearl

Rime – pale turquoise with gold shimmer

Indrid – Opalescent grey with pink duochrome

Lip swatches

OCC Lip Tar in Magnolia
OCC Lip Tar in Lily
OCC Lip Tar in Wasabi
OCC Lip Tar in Artifact
OCC Lip Tar in Rime
OCC Lip Tar in Indrid
With a formula of mainly oils as well as pure pigment, one dip into one of the tubes is all you requirement to totally cover your lips with full coverage. These are on the thicker side, as well as my lips feel comfortably moisturized when I wear them.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

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They’re moderately long-lasting as well. The thicker formula sticks around, however the glossy structure likewise means that they will transfer onto cups as well as teeth if you aren’t careful.

My favorites ended up being all 3 of these metallics, all of which are forgiving on the lips as well as look truly special, as well as it assists that I can quickly get full protection from them from extremely bit of the product.

The solid opaque colors are trickier to pull off, being SO glossy as well as SO opaque. Wasabi was the one “womp-womp” shade that did provide me the exact same protection level as the rest, however it fell into my lip lines, unfortunately.


If you can see yourself rocking these shades, you can pick them up for $16 each for a restricted time at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

Hope you enjoyed reading! I’ll see you guys in the next,