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December 23, 2022

You may be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

No, se ei ole juuri kysely. Se on paljon enemmän säännöllisesti kehittyvää (harvoin?), Jonkin satunnainen huolenaihe Olen laskenut vierailijoille joka maanantaia aamuna viimeisten kahdeksan (!) Vuotta. (Se on kuin kickstart aivosi.) Olen aina ottanut mielellään lukemaan vastauksesi kommenteissa, samoin kuin toivon, että otat nautintoa lukemisessa.

Matte red lips or glossy nude lips?
Today I’m opting for glossy nude lips since it’s meant to be a hot one here. ideal now I’m using my Zellas as well as a workout top I got from Old Navy that says, “Good vibes make excellent karma,” since I’m about to hop on the treadmill before it gets as well uncomfortable.

Wait — hold on a sec. I’ll be ideal back. Tabs is pawing at the door to my office, so I have to go do his bidding.

First you want in, then you want out…


He’s all about those in-and-out privileges
Anyway, there are lots of elegant women available who can pull off a workout attire as well as matte red lips…but I’m not one of ’em! So, glossy nude lips it is!

What’s your preferred snack food?
Hmm… I always feel truly great when I snack on fruit. Heck, not only does it keep “the plumbing in order,” however it fills me up, as well as I don’t feel gross afterward (like I do when I eat a bag of chips something as well greasy). as well as there are so lots of different type of fruit to select from, particularly ideal now.

Summertime fruit is the very best FRUIT. Watermelons, strawberries, grapes, oh… So delicious.

I’m type of funny about my fruit, though. I don’t like it when my fruit is dripping wet. I just don’t comprehend exactly how El Hub can laundry a lot of grapes as well as eat them without patting them dry first. With some fruit, like strawberries, peaches, apples as well as grapes, after I laundry them, I have to dry them; otherwise, they’re just not ideal to me.

Roller blades or roller skates?
I do alright on both, however I’m going to have to opt for the roller skates, girl, since I’m old institution like that.

Oh, as well as benefit question: have you ever been to a roller rink? I definitely have.

What makes you feel wonderful?
This one’s easy! eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, ah… Overall, we’re quite lucky since Connor a lot more or less sleeps with the night, however she does get up ravenous just before the fracture of dawn.

One of these days I’m gonna ask El Hub to camp out in the guest space with Connor as well as her bassinet, since I’m tired, girl. I’m on Connor time all the time.

Who do you believe is cute?
Connor Claire, of course. as well as Tabs. And…let’s throw El Hub as well as Nick Jonas in there too, just for fun.


Eyelash extensions or hair extensions?
I’ll choose the eyelash extensions. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while, however I’m type of freaked out by the concept since I’m terrified they’re going to be as well long as well as as well heavy as well as will provide me a päänsärky.

Sinun vuorosi. Just kopioi samoin kuin liitä noudattaa huolenaiheita kommentiksi vastauksistasi. Odotan eteenpäin lukemaan “em!

1. Matte red lips or glossy nude lips?
2. What’s your preferred snack food?
3. Roller blades or roller skates?
4. What makes you feel wonderful?
5. who do you believe is cute?
6. Eyelash extensions or hair extensions?

Happy Monday morning, friend! Hei hei hei. We’re still nursing a bit of a damaged heart out right here since of the basketball game last night, however ya understand what? There’s always next year (still lovin’ ya, Warriors!)? #glasshalffull

There’s always next year, Dubs


Have a sassy, spicy, booty-shakin’ day.

Your friendly community appeal addict,