Put to the Test: Sweat Cosmetics Mineral foundation SPF 30 and glow hard Bronzer

October 23, 2022

hitting the gym with Sweat Cosmetics Mineral foundation SPF 30 ($42) and glow hard Bronzer ($42)
Entrepreneurial women of the world, will somebody please make my dream come true and start a line of women-owned-and-operated gyms with flattering overhead lighting, because I’m tired… I’m worn out of checking out myself in the mirror in my HIIT class and seeing Gollum looking back at me lifting weights and doing lunges.

Until that day comes, there’s always Sweat Cosmetics.


Halfway through class and sweating like a mofo…
“Our goal at Sweat Cosmetics is to develop a line of cosmetics that consist of SPF for the modern woman who strives to be physically fit while also embracing a healthy, active lifestyle. We are committed to narrowing the gap between appeal and fitness while prioritizing skin protection.”


They’re a pretty new-ish brand, and now they’re also available at Sephora. They’re all about mineral makeup that you can wear to the gym, or to go jogging, or if you do any other type of physical exercise and you want to look cute (well, cuter than usual). The line was created by a team of women Olympic soccer players and professional athletes ? ?, which I think is awesome.

Their products are mineral-based, which indicates powder products, not liquid, and they focus on base products like foundation, bronzer and highlighter.

Everything is sheer-to-medium coverage, so they have a no-makeup makeup vibe. You can go to the gym, go to dance class, go to a soccer meet, whatever, and still look like you, just a little a lot more polished. Vai niin! and they all have SPF.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

The $42 face products come with a refillable makeup brush, which you load with one of the powders (they come in a small pot). then you screw the powder into the base of the brush, idea it over, shake to dispense the powder through the brush bristles, and then apply to your face. There are also less expensive $24 refills available, too.

So…I don’t normally wear makeup when I work out because my greatest concern is that, ya know, I’ll be sweating, and sweaty beads of product will be dripping down my face onto my tee shirt and chin, because dude, I SWEAT like A MOFO! I’m not one those delicate flowers who always looks perfectly dry and put together at the gym.


But the dripping and the beading doesn’t happen with these products, yay! I wore the Mineral foundation SPF 30 (it comes in five shades; I wear #300) and glow hard Bronzer to my HIIT class this morning, and my makeup looked fairly fresh and intact at the end.

When you’re trying to be sly about taking a gym selfie…
What’s that above my head?! (I just realized that gym equipment looks very Fifty shades of Grey…)

I like that I can still see my freckles when I wear the foundation, and the coverage doesn’t look cake-y or heavy at all. a lot of importantly, my skin can breathe!

By the end of class, my skin still looked even and fresh. The only issue I saw was around my chin area, where there were some streaks and minor patchiness, but that may have been because I blotted my face with a towel a few times during class.

Oh, hey there there bare skin
Ennen tuntia! I’m wearing Sweat Cosmetics Mineral foundation SPF 30 in shade 300 and glow hard Mineral Bronzer SPF 25.
And after class!
Two things to keep in mind: the refillable brush reservoir is a little messy, especially when holding it downward and shaking it to get the powder to come out through the bristles.

It ended up on my desk, my shirt, my pants… next time, I’m going to have a paper towel nearby to catch any wayward foundation and bronzer.

Speaking of bronzer, I’m not crazy about the shape of the brush head. It’s small and pointy, which makes it precise…but it also leaves stripes on your skin! I like my bronzer to look a lot more diffused and natural and sun-kissed. I think that a larger, fluffier brush head would have been nice.

I end up buffing it out with another fluffy face brush.

Anyway, I’m absolutely sold on this combo, and I intend to wear it again. Oh, and bonus: when I left the house, El Hub said I looked cute. LOL! and it took that man two weeks to notice when I dyed my hair pink.


A refillable brush with a pot is $42, and the refills are $24. Also, in addition to the foundation and bronzer, they have a translucent powder and a highlighter. If you’re interested, check ’em out at Sephora.

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