It only Takes a minute To autumn for Dior Minuit Vernis nail Polish, particularly If You like Chanel Taboo

July 12, 2023

Dior Minuit
Could you please wait a Minuit? I failed to remember my toasty feline woman socks as well as boots. I’ll be best back…

There! got ’em. now we can proceed.


But that reminds me, I would seriously think about freezing my toes off in strappy sandals just to be able to show off Dior’s new $26 Minuit Vernis nail polish.

Notice the adorable restricted edition packaging…
One of four Vernis polishes in the new Dior golden winter season collection, it shows up with the rest of the release on counters next month.

Methinks Minuit will reel in the gals who liked last summer’s Chanel Taboo (like me). The two look rather alike at very first glance, thanks to the dark purplish burgundy base, however Minuit is likewise swimming in golden micro glitter.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

See the small golden flecks?
And yet the shine doesn’t dominate. Yeah, there’s a great deal of it in there…but you can still see see the base, which I like, as well as the formula stays smooth as well as simple to apply.

Depending on the light, Minuit can likewise look totally different, like when I’m “working” in my office (also understood as “the bathroom,” haha!), Minuit appears like a warmish burgundy/reddish purple, however when I take Tabs for a walk outside on a sunny day, it looks much more like a cool, plummy blackened purple.


Another shot o’ Minuit

Minuit likewise modifications depending upon exactly how numerous coats I wear. One coat conveys much more burgundy, while two coats, much more purple, as well as I like it both ways.

Dior certainly did not hold back on the pigment… There’s a great deal in there.

Mo’ Minuit!
I suggest utilizing Minuit with your preferred base coat, as the formula truly hugs each nail, which can highlight ridges if you have ’em.

Also, while Minuit does shine, it’s not precisely Seche Vite, so if you crave a mirror-like shine, integrate a top coat (I like Guerlain’s Le top coat Gel).


This stunner’s completely deserving of a elegant holiday party…or for a night spent eating three twins Ice cream in your pajamas on the couch.

PRICE: $26
AVAILABILITY: Coming soon to Dior counters as well as Dior.com
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