Doohickeys That I probably Don’t need but want anyway

February 12, 2023

Behold the incredible Foxrun Banana Slicer!
Ever since I discovered the wonder and glory that is the Progressive Wedge & Pop Apple Slicer, I’ve learned that I’ve become that person.

You know — that person who probably doesn’t need weird kitchen doohickeys but still wants them anyway.


The Pini Ace Hardware in Novato is where it’s at!
The other night I discovered that the Pini Ace Hardware in Novato contains a plethora of rand-o kitchen utensils, doodads and culinary accoutrements.

Joka tiesi?

I’ve actually been spending a lot of time there lately because of Tabs. El Hub and I are building that enclosure/private tower/playpen for him, which has resulted in us taking a lot of trips to the hardware store, usually after dinner at night (we go at least three times a week).


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

What usually begins as a trip to get gloves or screws usually ends with me marveling at something interesting but altogether unnecessary in the kitchen aisle, like the Fox Run Banana Slicer ($1.95) at the top, which perfectly portions your bananas into convenient slices (great for cereal!).

The Chop2Pot Plus
Or, there’s the Chop2Pot Plus…

Don’t you hate it when you’ve chopped a few carrots or tomatoes on your cutting board, and then when you go to carry them over to the pot — whoops! — the cats trips you up and you accidentally spill them all over the floor?

Joo minuakin.

Enter the Chop2Pot plus ($16), a cutting board that folds up along the edges.

Hello, convenience.

Tovolo Silicone Ladle Clips
And where, exactly, have these Tovolo Silicone Ladle Clips ($3.95 each) been all my life? I’m not much of a cook, but when I do bust out ye olde pots and pans, it seems like I’m always looking for a place to put down my ladle.

Keep your stovetop clean by holding the ladle over the pot. Nero!

The Tovolo Pot lid Lifters
Speaking of pots, these three sheepish Tovolo Pot lid Lifters ($10.95 for the set) are not just cute; they’re also helpful. use them to keep pot lids lifted and prevent food from bubbling over.

Tovolo Ice cream Sandwich Molds
So, I’ve never actually made an ice cream sandwich, but if I did, I could make them look cute with these Tovolo Ice cream Sandwich Molds ($11.99).

I call first dibs on the heart-shaped one!

The Cuisinart double Toaster
What does one do when both she and her spouse prefer their toast slices scorched to varying levels, and they’re both really, really hungry for toast?

Toast four slices simultaneously, to varying levels of toast-ness, with the Cuisinart classic 4-Slice toaster in metallic Red ($74.99).


And for when you need an onion holder shaped like an actual onion, there’s the Hutzler Onion Saver ($7).

Why I see poetry in this, I do not know…

The Hutzler Onion Saver
Lastly, these Tovolo Whale & Octopus Sandwich Shapers ($7), because I may not be able to eat actual octopus (it’s a texture thing), but at least I can eat a sandwich shaped like AN OCTOPUS, if I want to.

Tovolo Whale & Octopus Sandwich Shapers
Tovolo Whale & Octopus Sandwich Shapers