Chanel Les Ombres Multi-Effect Eyeshadow Quad in 274 Codes Élégants

November 17, 2022

getting my glow on with the Chanel Les Ombres Multi-Effect Eyeshadow Quad in 274 Codes Élégants ($61, new for spring)
Between the new Chanel Les Ombres Multi-Effect Eyeshadow Quad in 278 Codes Subtils, as well as this I’m using now, 274 Codes Élégants, both of which are $61 each as well as new for spring, I’m persuaded that Chanel is at the front of the pack when it pertains to shimmery shades for women 30 as well as up.

Chanel Les Ombres Multi-Effect Eyeshadow Quad in 274 Codes Élégants
Codes Élégants, like Codes Subtils, is $61, however unlike Codes Subtils, Élégants is permanent. as well as I kinda desire it was the other method around!


Codes Élégants on my eyes, Chanel Coco Code blush harmony on my cheeks as well as hourglass woman Lip Stylo in Explorer on my lips
Not that this quad doesn’t have a great deal going for it. Se tekee! — like that glow, for one, as well as a silky, easy-to-blend formula. as well as the surface on that brown shade? NIIN UPEA! Can I just get that on its own with the special sauce on the side? Ole kiltti? The satiny surface lusters on the down low. You can barely tell it’s there, however it’s there, as well as you understand I online for that subtle sh*t, LOL! I’m so predictable… Yes, workhorse, daily satins. I like ’em.

Wearing Chanel Les Ombres Multi-Effect Eyeshadow Quad in 271 Codes Élégants on my lids as well as Chanel Stylo Yeux water resistant Eye Pencil in Noir Petrole on my water lines as well as lash lines
The thing is…the other three shadows in the quad — the two golden shades as well as the platinum — all look like somewhat different versions of the exact same highlighter on my skin. They look extremely similar on me, so I don’t believe I’ll be able to do as lots of different looks with this quad as I might with Codes Subtils, which has a a lot more traditional combo of one darker shade, two mid-toned shades as well as a highlighter.

I understand that four shadows doesn’t seem like a great deal in this world of 12-pan as well as 24-pan eye palettes, however you can truly do a great deal with four shadows if they’re the ideal four shadows, as well as if two of them are mid-tones. The mid-tones are absolutely key.


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Swatches of Codes Élégants

If you’re a lighter lass, the subtle differences among the gold shades will most likely be a lot more obvious for you. For me, however, this quad is just OK. It’s definitely deserving of some like from the ideal person or gal. It’s Chanel high quality all the way, as well as that dark brown shade is pure melted chocolate perfection.

Of the two new Chanel spring quads, though, Codes Subtils is much a lot more beneficial for me. I’m fan-girling on it so hard!

A huge birthday coming up…in 2032

Connor’s very first birthday is March 2nd, as well as I’ve asked my household to think about providing her letters, cards or other things that they’d like her to have when she’s 16. I’m going to put them all away in a box, as well as provide them to her on March 2nd, 2032.

HOLY SH*T. Sorry, I just realized exactly how far away that date is… Not to noise morbid or anything, however considering that El Hub as well as I are older parents, I just don’t understand if our parents (a.k.a. Connor’s grandparents) will still be around then. as well as I truly want to make sure that she has something special to open when she turns 16.

But now I’m not sure what I’m going to get her. I’m believing some books, of course, including a copy of The Girl’s Guide: getting the Hang of Your whole Complicated, Unpredictable, Impossibly incredible Life, which may be dated in some ways, however I’m sure that a few of the lessons will still apply.

I’m likewise toying with the concept of a appeal bracelet from Tiffany that says, “I like you,” however I’m terrified the silver may taint after sitting in a box for 15 years. Do you believe that would happen?? Minä en tiedä!


Please let me understand if you have any type of other concepts for timeless, thoughtful gifts for a 16-year-old Connor. I would like your help.

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