Sephora VIB Sale fall 2017 Haul

May 22, 2022

Finally, I’m posting about my Sephora VIB sale haul! I had early access so I was able to start hauling on Nov 3rd. After the first window of shopping, this is what I ordered:

As pointed out in my shopping list post, I really did not need lots of things. The ONE item that I really wanted, the Surratt appeal Artistique Cheek Brush, became out of stock ideal when the sale started on the Friday!!! I was so annoyed!

I was a little sad checking out everyone’s hauls so I that’s why I didn’t stick 100% to my original plan. First, the items that I was going to 100% buy:

• Lavanila The healthy Deodorant in Fresh Vanilla Lemon – $17  $13.60

• Clinique Purifying Cleansing brush Head Refill 2 pack – $54  $43.20
I gotten these in the store because I didn’t see the 2 pack online. I used a gift card toward this as well.  The Smashbox 24 hour photo finish shadow primer that I wanted also remained out of stock and I couldn’t decide on an alternative. I might just get the Smashbox from buyers drug Mart with my optimum points instead.

To make me feel slightly better about the Surratt brush being out of stock, and pathetically only getting 2 things at the sale, I picked these up:

• Sephora Collection The Painter Airbrush Sponge – $15 originally  $6  $4.80
• Sephora Collection The guideline Blending Sponges – $15  $12
I found the blue sponge in the sale section. I always end up in the sale section to “window shop” during the sale. The guideline sponges fit over your finger – I’ve been wanting some smaller sponges for under eye concealing but wasn’t keen on those tiny appeal Blenders considering that they look finicky to hold.  These have good reviews online. [Edit: see The guideline sponge in action here.]

I also redeemed 500 points for this set:

• Murad Brightening effects set which includes:
– 1.5 oz/ 44 mL Murad Essential-C Cleanser
– 3 Murad rapid Resurfacing Peel
– 0.25 oz/ 7.4 mL Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer
– 0.17 oz/ 5 mL Murad Eye lift Firming™ Treatment
– 8 Murad Eye lift Firming Treatment™ Pads

And, I realized that I never did receive my welcome gift for VIB Rouge earlier this year.

• Sephora Collection pro flawless Airbrush #56
A tiny blending brush… this might be good for concealer? I hope it’s good – I really liked the little Nars blush in Goulue that I got last year.

Just so you’re following my mental anguish about that Surratt brush at this point (dramatic face!), I even toyed with getting these items:

• Clinique Crayola Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm – so cute, right? En tarvitse tätä. I’ve got a bag full of lip products that I need to purge.

• Drunk Elephant volume 2: Come C about Me set – was very tempted by this because I was in the market to replenish my vitamin C serum but I made a decision to try out something from The common first.

• Huda appeal Obsessions Eyeshadow palette – while I was waiting in line to get that Clinique brush head 2 pack, I spied this considering that it has so much hype. I turned over the box to read where it was made and guess what? It’s made in CHINA! This is selling for $35 for something that probably cost them $3 to produce?

Speaking of ridiculous, I saw this Sephora Collection Swarovski pro Airbrush #55 in the sale section for only $250! It was originally $350:

“only a few left”
I guarantee you that the brush itself is made in China – it’s a synthetic brush head brush. and don’t get me started on Swarovski crystals… it’s just fancy glass + lead.  And hey, Sephora is giving the #56 brush away for complimentary as their VIB Rouge welcome gift (see above)!

I chose a bunch of samples considering that I was ordering for other people, I split up the orders to maximize samples (but without being a jerk!)  In total, I probably bought 80% on behalf of pals and 20% for myself.

But I was holding out that they might possibly restock the Surratt brush. I put up an email alert in faint hope that they would restock before the end of the second phase of the sale on Nov 15th. Lo and behold, at 3am on Nov 15th, I received an alert to say that the Surratt Artistique Cheek brush was back in stock!   It was fate, I tell you!

Look at this beauty! 

Much glamour shots ahead:

• Surratt appeal Artistique Cheek Brush – $125  $100

The reveal… cue dramatic theme song from 2001: space Odyssey…

It is *so* soft, it’s ridiculous!

Also, I went through ebates for my online orders so I will be receiving an additional 2.5% back in rebates. all in all, a potentially downer of a haul turned out pretty well (I know, first world problems). What did you haul during the Sephora sale? and have you tried any of the items that I picked up? I’m off to stroke my face with the Surratt brush… don’t mind me.

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