Saturday Surfing, June 12, 2021!

May 15, 2022

great morning!
I can’t believe I’m stating this (happy Saturday, by the way), however I don’t keep in mind the last time I used bright blue mascara. As a beauty lover, this is one of those details that I can usually recall with obnoxious clarity, however as you know…it’s been cray! I’m hoping, though, that this gloriously blue ColourPop Mascara will guide me to a similar (or perhaps even a better) location where I’m excited about using makeup again.

As they say, infant steps. would you believe that last Thursday I really left the home with filled in brows, feline eye liner *and* water resistant mascara? Tiedän! The tinted sunscreen I’ve been using lastly had some makeup buddies to play with, LOL!


What do you have organized today? I’m gonna take it quite simple on this end. I’m replanting the tomato plants, basil as well as the hot pink hibiscus I got last weekend, as well as oh! — my sibling got me an air fryer for my birthday, so I’m going to experiment with it today. The one I have is by Innsky as well as it’s huge! It’s one my sibling has as well as loves, so even though right now I can’t truly tell if I’m utilizing correctly, I’m hoping to ended up being one of those people who says, “I LOOOOOVE MY AIR FRYER.”

Last night I made broccoli as well as salmon in it, as well as they weren’t terrible, so I’m looking ahead to seeing what magic I can do…

Side note: it has a cake setting, which I’m both weirded out by as well as fascinated by.


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If you have any type of great air fryer recipes, please feel free to share them!

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I truly enjoyed this in-depth story on the creator of Nyx, Toni Ko.

J. Lo’s boo has a men’s makeup line.

“Soft sculpting.” It’s a thing.

If you’re going to be in the Bay area this summer, FYI, there are outside shows happening at Stern Grove.

I believe Rosie needs this feline computer to do calculations!

Kyllä kiitos.

Pudota tämä tieto.

When you can’t look away…

I still like this show.

Exfoliate me.

B-b-b-bennie as well as the jets

Need this in my tum ASAP.

Fun fact: Rosie is the most talkative feline I’ve ever lived with.

This looks fun.

That lip!



Have a fantastic rest of your day, as well as take additional great care of yourself, OK?

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