TBT: Tokyo Disneyland featuring Hippity Hoppity springtime Parade!

May 14, 2022

It’s been a while considering that I’ve done a Throwback Thursday as well as today’s is timely considering that it’s spring / Easter themed. As you may recall, I checked out Japan in May-June of 2016. So almost a year later, I’m lastly publishing about my experiences at Tokyo Disneyland!

I showed a couple of pictures from Tokyo Disney on the blog ideal after my trip, with a pledge to compose a a lot more thorough publish later… as well as here’s later!

First, I must admit that we never set out to see Tokyo Disneyland when we organized out our Japan itinerary. however toward the final leg of our trip, we discovered ourselves with 2 things: additional cash, as well as additional time. I’m not Disney consumed however I do take pleasure in enjoyment parks as well as Tokyo Disneyland seemed like a special experience. My SO did some quick research study – we didn’t even understand that Tokyo is really house to not one, however two Disney themed parks – did you understand that?  There’s the routine vanilla Tokyo Disneyland as well as the water-themed DisneySea.

DisneySea. picture source.
We were rather lured by DisneySea however we discovered that it is normally rather packed on Fridays, so we selected “just” Tokyo Disneyland however vowed to see DisneySea when we return to Tokyo in the future.

A idea we discovered from our research study was to get our tickets in development from the Disney store in Shibuya (which was close to our hotel) in buy to minimize wait times when we shown up at the park, so we trekked over:

It was so charming as well as a preview of things to come!
Each adult ticket costs ¥7,400 which is approximately $90 CAD / $67 USD.  As luck would have it, after we made the decision to go to Tokyo Disneyland as well as bought our tickets, I ended up not feeling well – potentially a tummy bug or ate something that didn’t agree with me.

The journey from our hotel in Shibuya to Tokyo Disneyland included several trains during the height of rush hour – in a extremely uncharacteristic move, I nearly passed out on the train on the way! But, I insisted we go to the park considering that we had already gotten tickets as well as I didn’t want to spoil our trip – so we ended up getting a taxi to drive us there. I had a nap on the method as well as felt much much better when we shown up at Disneyland however I still not 100% – let’s just state that I was incredibly thankful for the abundance of clean washrooms (not to mention the washlets!) at puisto!

One thing we did discover prior to checking out the park was that one of the most prominent rides, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, was shut down just for the day that we were checking out – typical!

But considering that I wasn’t feeling well, we didn’t do a great deal of rides (only extremely tame ones) however we walked around the whole park. The weather condition was absolutely best – low 20’s C as well as not a cloud in the sky.

Mickey greeting guests as they shown up inside the park.
Here are a few snippets as well as pictures of our experience at Tokyo Disneyland.

One Man’s dream II Show

This is a online tune as well as dance stage show that has performances 4 times a day. What’s fascinating about this show is exactly how tickets for the show is obtained: it’s a lottery system! however they make it fun by having these terminals where you go into your park tickets to try your luck – we were so anxious that we’d “lose” however we “won”! They specify that you can only attempt once… or else (I don’t understand what, they kick you out?)

The show itself was quite common fare – costumed performers singing as well as dancing. The storyline was totally lost on me… there are poor people from different Disney motion pictures as well as in the end they are all delighted as well as dancing.


The honey flavoured popcorn.
We did not understand this prior to checking out however one of Tokyo Disneyland’s crucial features is their POPCORN! people line up down the path for them. What makes them so special are the special flavours available: Caramel, Curry, Honey, Milk Chocolate, as well as Soy Sauce as well as Butter. We tried the Honey, Milk chocolate as well as Soy Sauce as well as Butter.

Soy Sauce as well as Butter popcorn.
Our much-loved [turned out to be] the Soy Sauce as well as Butter – it’s savoury however not as well salty. The visitors are so dedicated to the popcorn that Disney offers refillable, collectible plastic buckets to home the popcorn. inspect out this thorough publish about the popcorn as well as buckets, if you’re interested to discover more!

Hippity Hoppity springtime Parade

This was the primary attraction for us! It was such a fun parade, full of catchy music, dancers, as well as Disney characters on floats.

They were wanting everybody “Happy Easter” even though it was early June when we visited, as well as the actual Easter had already passed (it was in late March last year). They truly don’t partner Easter with the religious aspect, a lot more of a event of Springtime. I mean, what do bunnies as well as eggs have to make with Easter, anyway? XD

They were doing an egg race.

The parade lasted about 15 minutes.

Don’t expect just burgers as well as pizzas at Tokyo Disneyland! They do have burgers as well as pizzas however likewise offer Japanese choices like ramen, dumplings, as well as curry.

For lunch we checked out the Queen of Hearts banquet Hall which was a cafeteria style restaurant.

The line-up was rather long however well worth it – the whole environment of the location was like being inside the animation version of Alice in Wonderland.

Waiting patiently for our food to be assembled!
The Cheese Hamburg (with heart shaped cheese); I couldn’t tell you if this was any type of good. I believe I ate just the cracker and the mashed potato…
For dinner we went to the Plaza restaurant at Tomorrowland since they used rice on the menu (my bad stomach!)

If I had been feeling better, I would have gotten that Mike Wazowski bun!
My SO got the beef rice – inspect out the Mickey mouse shaped hard-boiled egg:

How do they make that?!! (here’s an at-home how-to guide, however I can’t envision they’re doing this at Disneyland when they’re pumping out numerous them a day)

We likewise indulged in Minnie as well as Mickey mouse ice pops:


This is one area that I felt Tokyo Disney fell short. a lot of of the mementos were garments or toys – we were trying to find little trinkets like crucial chains or magnets to restore for household as well as good friends however there weren’t many.

Also, a lot of products didn’t have the words “Tokyo Disneyland” on them so you couldn’t differentiate them from generic Disney products you can get anywhere in the world. I had a request from a good friend for something that specified the year (2016) as well as it was incredibly difficult to discover that (I comprehend why Disney wouldn’t manufacture as well lots of products with the year because of the danger of leftover inventory). I ended up discovering these machines dotted around the park that makes collectible medallions:

They crank these out:

My good friend was rather delighted with these.
Here are other items we bought, mainly for gifts:

This football-size metal egg consists of individually wrapped chocolates.
My SO’s sibling likes Winnie the Pooh.

These were for me – the popcorn as well as tiny Mickey container keychain is so cute!
A funny associated story: at the flight terminal I was randomly asked to fill in a survey about my see to Tokyo. They asked concerns like where I stayed, exactly how much each day I spent, as well as locations I visited. I provided Tokyo Disney as one of the attractions I checked out as well as the survey taker eliminated it since Tokyo Disney isn’t technically part of Tokyo. Go figure!

It truly was a wonderful day!

I’ll leave you with a YouTube video of the Hippity Hoppity springtime Parade so you can experience it for yourself:

We had that tune stuck in our heads for the whole day… hope you have a Hoppy Easter!

Have you been Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea? Or other Disney themed parks?

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